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I am Married and live on the North East coast of England. I love making Atc's, I like the idea of art in mini form. I do a bit of watercolour painting, Scrapbooking and occasionally I cross stitch. I'll be blogging as often as I am able to, but I have a computer hogging Husband to deal with lol :D Thank you for visiting me :)


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Here is a sneak peak at my 'Pop Me Your Art' themed page.
I'll post the rest of my cj, pages and all a little later on.
Thanks for looking xxx

My first 'From the Ashes' Art cj page.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

UKS Tinchie Swap 2012

  Lorraine's Steampunk Tinchie to me.

Inside my tinchie.
 I recently joined a Tinchie swap on UKScrappers where by I and the other swappers have to get a small-ish mint tin and alter it to our receivers description.  My description was Steampunk, no bright colours, because bright colours hurt my eyes.  and my tinchie maker Lorraine came up with what she called her interpretation and this is what I got back thank you hun I love it and all the other lovely bits and pieces and the choccie went down a treat with my cup of tea xxx 

The top of my tinchie and the lovely bits and pieces that came with it.

Lexi's Teal and Blingy Tinchie.

 I had so much fun altering the tin for my receiver Lexi and her description was Teal and Blingy, hope you like it hun  :-)   The first tin went a bit wrong and now resides in the dark spot of my craft room, bad tin...tut tut tut...lol, well it will until I know what to do with it anyway.

Top of Lexi's tinchie.
I had to google search the colour Teal and I trawled through the images and there were a lot in the way of teal tones so I hope that i've hit the spot or at least come close to it...  Sorry Lexi, the photos are a bit rubbish, I have a low grade digital camara because my really good one got dropped one
too many times resulting in
eventual expiration.  I'm hopeing to get a better digi camara
later on this year :-)

Inside Lexi's tinchie.
The front of Lexi's tinchie.
I have added some little extras a long with your tinchie Lexi, so i'll be posting everything off to you in the next couple of days xxx