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Saturday, 16 February 2008

TV Weekly: CD Mailer Book

This is my most favourite make so far. It's called a CD Mailer Book and I made this one for myself after seeing a webisode on TV Weekly, an American crafting tv website,. The site also provides a Design Guide for the user to download, Printout and follow... It is free to join and the only way to download the design guides that you want to have a go at yourselves. It is a really great site and every Friday there's a different webisode project to try. There is also an archive so you can look through on past webisodes.

I really enjoyed having ago at this project in particular, of course I got lost at times, but I really wanted to do this one so before sticking anything down, I'd retrace my page steps and then I'd be back on track :) The actual project is called Pop pop, Fizz fizz as this is a complete kit, cd mailers and all. As I didn't have this kit I used my Christmas Stocking Swap items, and some items I already had (ie) cd mailers, from my Secret Stocking Fairy Cleo on UKScrappers. Thanks hun :)

I used the most gorgeous papers from Basic Grey's Periphery range and the fastner I used for keeping my book closed was recycled from an old record box.

I've found and added a video link of this project, by creator Tricia Morris, for anyone that's interested in haveing a go for themselves. You'll find the link in my Fav. blog's list xx
Thank you for looking :)



Jules {Creative Makes} said...

That is stunningly gorgeous!

Oh, and hi :-) I followed a link from Bumbleberry to find you and I'm glad I did. I'll add you to my RSS feeds if that's okay with you so I can check back often.

Denise said...

A beautiful crreation - lovely papers- I found you in Carolinez Forum :-)

Tracy said...

Thank you Jules and Denise :)